Type: Lecture | Duration: 90' | Audience: general public

The majority of us are well aware of the need to exercise more. In the past 4 years 'Get more exercise' has constantly been at the top 3 New Year's resolutions worldwide. How come then only a small percentage of people are currently meeting the minimum required levels of physical activity? As a personal trainer with more than 10 years of experience I've gained a good level of expertise on coaching my clients to their goals. In this lecture I will discuss the top 7 obstacles that come in the way to a more active lifestyle and help the participants to overcome these barriers. The lecture itself is 60', followed by 30' Q+A from the public.


Option: can be combined with "Food for thougths"


Type: Lecture | Duration: 90' | Audience: general public

More and more employers are investing in the weelbeing on the work place. When we think about the factors that contribute to workplace performance, we rarely give much consideration to food. For those of us battling to stay on top of emails, meetings, and deadlines, food is simply fuel. But as it turns out, this analogy is misleading. The foods we eat affect us more than we realize. In this entertaining session I will help the audience tackle the everyday struggles with making healthy and practical nutrition choices at work. The lecture itself is 60', followed by 30' Q+A from the public.


Option: can be combined with "What's your excuse?"


Type: Workshop | Duration: 90' | Audience: sport professionals / athletes / coaches

There's no doubt that Functional Training is gaining more and more popularity in almost every sport as a safe and effective method to increase performance and reduce the risk of injuries. With more than 10 yrs of experience in functional training for various sports, I can cover different aereas during this workshop. Some of the clinics I've already given include functional training for golf, handball, volleyball, cycling, triathlon, tennis, skiing...but other topics can be discussed on demand.



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Ministerie van Onderwijs | Rotary Club Antwerp Metropool | Rotary Club Turnhout | Exxon Mobil | Healthpro Brussels| Triathlon World Brussel | VUB - University of Brussel |Thomas More Hogeschool | Hogeschool Universiteit Brussel | VIVES Hogeschool Torhout | AP Hogeschool Antwerpen | FONTYS Hogeschool Eindhoven | HOWEST Hogeschool Bruges | ASPRIA Health Club - Milano | ASPRIA Health Club - Bruxelles | SPORTOASE | Belgian Handball Federation


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As an independent fitness & health specialist I combine personal training for individuals/companies with professional education courses for trainers. In both cases is my aim to deliver the best possible experience to the participants involving them in exciting and inspiring training sessions.

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In November 2017 I will run the NY Marathon for charity to support the Mediclowns

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The book "Wat is jouw excuus" that I wrote together with my wife will be out soon!

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