I've always knew I wanted to become a personal trainer. Well, that's not entirely true. When i was about 5 years old I wanted to be a garbage collector, just because they could hang at the back of a moving truck. But let's say that after that phase I made my mind pretty clear that my life would have been into sports. I've been a good biathlete, a national champion in Decathlon and later enjoyed an international rugby experience but strangely enough I've never dreamed of a professional athlete's career. I started my medical studies at the University of Turin just before moving to Scotland where I studied Sports & Exercise physiology and got my BSc in Sports Medicine in 2002. It was during my studies that I got fascinated with functional training. A love at first sight that influenced the rest of my professional career. When I moved to Belgium I opened one of the first personal training studio's of the country based entirely on the principle of functional training. 15 years later, I've built a strong brand and an education company that are leading the way. I'm a father of two kids and I have a wonderful wife. Sometimes I miss my home country, Italy for the mountains and the food, but I love my job, my clients and my life and I hope I can influence yours. 


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