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The majority of us are well aware of the need to exercise more. Now employers too are starting to see the benefits to implement strategies to improve the physiscal and mental wellbeing of their employees. My approach is based on the Stages of Change model to identify the readiness to change and the Six Steps of Persuasion to implement strategies that will promote more physical exercise at work. I can count on a multisciplinar team of experts (trainers, coaches, nutritionists...) to assist the process from A to Z. You will see how changing the company culture around exercise will turn out to be more efficient and less expensive than losing your good people to burnouts, stress and physical complaints!


Personal Trainers who realise that a coach also needs a coach

Whether you are moving your first steps into the personal training business or you are already running a successful company, there are questions that you may have. How should your location must look like? Which classes are you gonna offer and at which prices? Is your schedule full and you don't know anymore how to grow your business?

Do you own a physiotherapy studio or a fitness club and you want to implement personal training? Or maybe you just want to share some of your ideas in confidence and get some advice? This is your chance to get my full individual attention to your problem and help you find a solution.


I can help you find the right personal trainer to join your business

Congratulations! You reached that moment in which your business is growing faster than you can follow. You are now thinking to hire extra trainers to work with you, but a) you want to be sure of their quality and loyality and b) you need advice on how to structure the collaboration.

Based on my experience of the past 15 years and the large network I have in the education sector, I can select the right candidates for you and propose different model of collaboration that you can implement in your studio/practice/club.


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Ik wil graag gebruik maken de KMO portefeuille subsidies


De kmo-portefeuille is een maatregel waardoor ondernemers financiële steun krijgen bij aankoop van opleiding en adviesdiensten. De kmo-portefeuille is een subsidiemaatregel voor kmo’s en beoefenaars van vrije beroepen die in Vlaanderen zijn gevestigd. Kleine ondernemingen sparen jaarlijks 10.000 euro uit met de kmo-portefeuille. Bij middelgrote ondernemingen loopt het bedrag op tot 15.000 euro.

Ik ben een erkend KMO-adviseur en dit betekent dat jij tot 40% van de kosten kan laten subsidieren door de KMO portefeuille.

About myself

As an independent fitness & health specialist I combine personal training for individuals/companies with professional education courses for trainers. In both cases is my aim to deliver the best possible experience to the participants involving them in exciting and inspiring training sessions.

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In November I will run the NY Marathon for charity to support the Mediclowns

Nov 4, 2017

The book "Wat is jouw excuus" that I wrote together with my wife is available in the best bookstores!

Feb 13, 2017

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